Chinese business


The contemporary Chinese economy is in the stage of dynamic development. It is astonishing how a state with more than 1.3 billion people has created a modern and efficient economic system. The Chinese economy has already become a part of the global industry and trade. China significantly satisfies the internal demand, looking for target markets all over the world.

  • Legister Capital S.A. invests in the future by cooperating with Chinese companies.
  • Legister Capital S.A. sees the opportunities in Chinese business.

The current trends show that the new Chinese economy is the leader in foreign investments. Recently, the main focus of capital market China was Eastern Europe. Thanks to the very good presentation, which Poland had at the Expo Fairin Shanghai (which Legister Capital S.A. had the honour to attend), our economy presented itself in the best possible light and proved that the description of Poland as a “green island” in times of the financial crisis was not groundless.

From the Baltic Sea to the Balkans, the Chinese companies invest in properties, take over enterprises and bid for public contracts. Their intensified activity has been especially noticed in Poland and Ukraine, which were preparing for European Football Championships in 2012. Great perspectives of development and excellent personnel encourage more and more Chinese investors to invest their capital resources in Poland.

Being aware of the great chance, which appears in relation to the increasing significance of China and other countries of that region, we decided to employ the long-time experience of Legister Capital S.A. to focus on the newest area of legal and financial services, which are related to the Asian market, especially China. We cooperate with local organizations to find business partners in various sectors of economy. Legister Capital S.A. has established cooperation with organizations which, directly or indirectly, invest their capital in European enterprises. In cooperation with Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board, we work on joint investment projects.

Among our partners, there are entities which recognize countries of the Eastern Europe, including Poland, as their base to expand their manufacturing and sales business in the European market. We provide consulting services in the field of participation in trade fairs, commercial negotiations (in Poland and abroad); we represent the client’s business profile in China. Legister Capital S.A.coordinates contacts with Chinese partners and provides support in cases when legal claims arise or copyrights need to be executed etc. Legister Capital S.A. will help you register your commercial activity in China and organize your trade representation. We offer comprehensive legal representation of the client in the territory of China and verify whether contracts are in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese law. We help our clients to overcome cultural barriers to operate business in Asia and support them in every stage of the venture.

Legister Capital S.A. cooperates with financial institutions to acquire capital from the Asian market to more effectively tailor the capital instruments to your needs. We offer services that allow selling shares of an enterprise to investors from Asian countries. Our long-time experience and the projects, which we accomplished over the years guarantee full security of transactions. Presently, our firm is particularly interested in the Chinese capital financing and preparing Polish companies for sale. We cooperate with entities and consultants in London to register companies, carry out mergers and takeovers in the global economy.

We hope that you will appreciate the experience and professionalism in the wide array of services oferred by Legister Capital S.A.