Ownership & organizational transformations


As part of its consulting services, Legister Consulting offers comprehensive legal and financial assistance in the field of preparing documents and the process related to the registration of commercial law companies and partnerships in Poland and abroad. Apart from the very process of forming a company, our consultants will explain the distinctive features of each legal form and help you select solutions which are most appropriate for your commercial activity.

Our services include:

  • Establishing and complete registration of a new commercial entity
  • Preparing deeds of association
  • Intermediating in purchase of a company, verifying the seller’s reliability, examining the company balance sheet, price negotiations and preparing the required documentation
  • Sale of already registered commercial law companies – registered in Poland or in Great Britain which have not carried a commercial activity so far
  • Transforming partnerships and sole proprietorships into capital companies
  • Mergers of companies through the processes of consolidation and incorporation
  • Dividing companies by spin-off, contributing its assets to another company’s assets or dividing by takeover and establishment of a new company
  • Formation of holdings
  • Comprehensive legal, financial, organizational and administrative assistance with regard to immediate shift of registration to any place: domestic and abroad

A company is established fast and effectively thanks to the cooperation with Notary Offices. We have a special experience in the field of registration and operation of companies under of the English law.