Restructuring of enterprises


Legister Capital S.A. provides specialized services for entities which have serious problems with current debt service.

We are ready to help you overcome these problems by offering:

  • Total or partial amortisation of public legal obligations (taxes and other obligations) and spreading the overdue payments of social contributions over time
  • Preparing concepts, negotiation strategy and implementing the debt settlement agreement with creditors
  • Providing support in optimising the operating and financial efficiency of the enterprise
  • Examining the asset profitability of the enterprise
  • Drawing up a recovery procedure and business plan, marking up the way out of the difficult situation of the enterprise
  • Designing financial structure optimizing models
  • Carrying out organizational and legal transformations

Legister Capital S.A. has a rich history of effectively accomplished programmes of restructuring indebted enterprises. We believe that our experience will let you restore financial liquidity and adequate profitability of your business.