Transaction consulting


Legister Capital S.A. is a team of professionals who efficiently support their Clients throughout the entire capital transaction process. Depending on the type of a venture, they select such procedures and techniques which maximise benefits and security of the proposed solutions. Our resources and experience allow us to provide Clients with comprehensive assistance in terms of business, legal and tax issues as well as with regard to negotiating and closing the entire transaction.

We are particularly ready to help you with:

  • Purchase and sale of enterprises – starting from identification of the target company, through the process of valuation, strategic analysis, preparation of an investment memorandum and support in negotiations to the transaction closure procedures
  • Mergers and incorporations – we provide assistance with carrying out the operations of merging enterprises, both by acquisition as well as by establishing a new commercial entity
  • MBO/MBI/LBO type transactions – we support managerial teams throughout the entire process of acquiring a specific entity, finding a capital partner or by means of financing the takeover
  • Acquiring capital for development – we support enterprises which are at various stages of their development, which have a strategy of effective increase but do not have resources to carry out that strategy
  • Finding debt financing – we produce business plans, help to prepare the development strategy, negotiate with financial institutions on behalf of the Client
  • Recapitalization processes – changing the capital structure of an enterprise, e.g. replacing a debt with capital or a mezzanine type instrument thanks to which the enterprise has a chance to reduce financial costs or increase its creditworthiness
  • Post-transaction integration – we support our clients in maximising their operational and financial benefits (looking for potential synergy) and minimizing merger-related risk

Our consultants have rich experience in the field of cooperation with capital funds and work for the funds, thanks to which our financial and strategic analyses, valuations, investment memoranda and legal documents satisfy the requirements of the professional transaction management practice to the highest degree.